A cosy country hotel in Port Wakefield, South Australia. Offering great beer and quality pub food, bed & breakfast accommodation and friendly customer service.



Lunch & Dinner Menu

GF - Gluten Free / GFA - Gluten Free Avail / V - Vegetarian / VA - Vegetarian Avail

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$3 surcharge to add salad bar to your entree without a mail meal.


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Salads + Light Meals

  • Chicken tenderloins marinated in a moroccan spice, grilled and served with grilled haloumi + prosciutto combined with lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion + fresh basil tossed through a sweet olive oil seeded mustard + apple vinaigrette *For vegetarian – substitute chicken for pumpkin

  • Pork belly caramelised in a sweet soy + star anise sauce served with a fresh asian salad + pad thai noodle, sweet lime + chilli dressing + smashed peanuts (optional)

  • Corn, feta + herb fritter grilled and topped with onion jam. Served with a rocket, pear, parmesan, onion + walnut salad + a side of horseradish cream sauce

  • BBQ Chicken or Prosciutto, baby spinach + melted brie

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Burgers - Lunchtime Only

  • Our homemade beef pattie served on a toasted roll with melted cheese, bacon, fried egg, chutney, dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato, beetroot + onion jam

  • Southern style crispy chicken served on a toasted roll, melted cheese, bacon, lettuce + tomato, finished with a sweet mayonnaise

  • 120g scotch fillet served on a toasted roll with melted cheese, bacon, fried egg, chutney, dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato, beetroot + onion jam

Pizza/Pasta/Risotto - Dinner Only

  • Arborio rice, chicken, pumpkin, baby spinach, red onion, feta + baby tomatoes cooked in a butter, pumpkin + chicken stock, finished with shaved parmesan cheese + fresh basil

  • Prawns, scallops, squid + mussels cooked in a tomato, white wine, anchovy sauce tossed through a pappardelle egg noodle, finished with shaved parmesan + fresh basil.

  • Smokey bbq sauce, pulled chicken, prosciutto, red onion + mozzarella

  • Tomato passata, baby spinach, prosciutto + melted brie *please ask for vegetarian option

Schnitzel Night - All $13+Toppings!

  • Smashed avocado, ham, baby spinach, prawns, red onion + melted cheese, finished with sweet chilli sauce.

  • Smashed avocado, grilled bacon, baby spinach, poached egg, asparagus, finished with hollandaise sauce.

  • Coopers ale BBQ sauce, salami, Pepperoni, bacon, cheese kransky, red onion, capsicum + melted cheese.

  • Smashed avocado, chopped tomato, red onion, mexican beans, jalapeño, melted cheese, finished with a dollop of mild salsa, corn chips + sour cream.

  • Bacon + melted cheese, finished with sweet chilli sauce + sour cream. Served with potato wedges.

  • Nap sauce, capsicum, red onion, black olives, baby tomato, salami, prosciutto, fresh basil + melted bocconcini.

  • Coopers ale BBQ sauce, grilled bacon, onion + melted cheese.

  • BBQ sauce, bacon, onion, grilled tomato, sautéed mushroom, finished with a fried egg + hash brown.

  • Your choice of chilli or cheese kransky, smokey bourbon sauce, red onion and melted cheese served with a side of mustard.

Alternative Menu Options


Coopers Ale Battered Fish + Chips 2P/$18
Sausage Medley $18
Moroccan Chicken + Haloumi Salad $22
Scotch Fillet $32
Rump Steak $28
Chicken Nuggets + Chips $9
Kids Fish + Chips $9


Plain $1
Pepper $1
Dianne $1
Mushroom $2
Parmigiana or Hawaiian $3
Creamy garlic prawns + squid $4
*$ 1 Take away sur charge.

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Kids $9.50

Includes 1 x Kids Drink + Ice Cream

$3 surcharge for adults ordering kids meals